Hi! I'm Teddy, and I want to tell you some good, fun and important stuff for your heart.


In the beginning God made everything. He made the light, the water, the sun, the grass and trees, the birds and snails …everything.




He  is  so  smart and

so strong that all He had to do was say the  words and it was there.

He made the day and the night, the land and the oceans, the trees and the fruit, the birds and the fish and the tigers and elephants…everything. He put moon and sun and stars in the sky and the whales in the oceans.


He filled them with happiness and told them to have lots of babies and to fill up the world.

Then he made a man. He made him like Himself. He made you like Himself. God put His special light on the man. And He put him in charge over all the world.




God saw what He made and it was very good.

When God was done making everything, He put His special happiness on it all and then He took a rest.

Then God planted a really big garden and He put all His special stuff there for great fun. Then He put the man there to guard its happiness.

God told the man to eat anything he wanted from all the bunches of good trees. But one tree was bad. God said, Don’t eat anything from that one or you will die.


God saw that man was all alone so He brought all the animals to him to see what names he would give them.

But none of the animals were just right so the man wouldn’t be lonely, so God made the man sleep and then he took a part of his side and shaped it into a lady that fit the man to be with him.



The man and his lady were so happy in God’s special garden until one day:



One of God’s special helpers got puffed up and started doing bad things. He wanted to take God’s place and take all God’s stuff and be like God.

He sneaked into God’s special garden and whispered lies to the lady, saying that she would be like God if she ate the bad fruit, so she ate and gave some to the man.


By eating the bad fruit, they gave power to the bad one to bring hurt and trouble into God’s beautiful world.

They hurt God and His light wasn’t covering them any more.


They saw they were naked and sewed fig leaves together to put on so they wouldn’t be naked, hoping that would make it be ok.

God came and talked with them. He said nothing they could do would make it ok. But He promised that He would send someone to help, to fix it and make it all better.

If they trusted Him, He would still be with them but there would be some hard work for them to help them not get puffed up again so they could be happy.