One of Israel’s sons, the first one from the wife he loved so much was named Joseph.





Israel loved him best and made him a special beautiful coat and put him in charge over his older brothers.


Some of his brothers were doing some bad things and Joseph told their dad, so his brothers hated him.

Joseph just wanted to be liked. So when God showed him in a dream that all the family would bow down to him, he told them, and they hated him more.

One day Israel sent Joseph to see if his sons and animals were well. When his brothers saw him coming they said, Let’s kill him. Then we’ll see what happens to his dreams.



The oldest brother heard their plan and saved him from being killed. But they put him in a pit and then sold him to some traveling traders to be a slave in Egypt.




They took the beautiful coat and put animal blood on it and took it to Israel. He said, A bad animal has gobbled him up. Israel was sad for many days.


But God was with Joseph and kept him safe. He was taken to Egypt and sold to an important man.