The children of Israel kept God’s record of all His words to His people and a record of all the people He made in His image.

The Lord kept a list of all the names of every family father since Adam who followed Him, doing good instead of following the bad one.


The record starts with Adam when the Lord made the first man just like Himself






and not like the elephants or giraffes or other



The record is very long because the Lord God made lots of people like Himself from the first two, Adam and Eve.





The Lord God keeps perfect records and doesn’t make any mistakes.


Sometimes the Lord told something about the person, like the two sons of Judah who did evil.





One man named Jabez asked the Lord God for more stuff than God gave him.




The Lord God said that Jabez was better than his brothers.





Jabez asked God to bless him big and give him more land,






and to always be with him







and to guard him from the bad ones and the stuff they do,




so that he wouldn’t be sad.






And the Lord God gave him all that he asked for.

When some of Israel’s men were at battle with some bad ones, they shouted to the Lord to help them and the Lord helped them and they won the battle because they trusted the Lord God.

But when they went against the Lord God and bowed down to the bad ones, the Lord God sent an enemy against them who took them out of the good land that the Lord God gave them to another land where they would learn stay close to the Lord God only because He is our life.




The Lord God kept a list of all the names of all the people who did the work at His beautiful house, them and the names of their sons.






He kept a list of the ones who guarded the treasures at His house.



And the ones that led the singing and the ones who sang songs to Him in the morning and the evening.


He kept a list of the warriors who fought the battles of the nation against the bad ones.

And He kept a list of the people who were carried away from His beautiful land because of their years of forgetting the Lord their Maker and bowing down to the bad ones.





He also kept a list of the names of the families fathers and the cities that were given to them to live in.




And the land that was around the cities for their animals.

He kept a list of who was taken away because He was going to bring them back to His beautiful land and make them very happy again.




So the whole nation of God’s people were counted and their names written in the king’s record telling who their father was and who his father was all the way back to the first man that God made like Himself, Adam.



There were many strong fighting men in the nation of God’s people because the Lord God was making them strong.