The Lord God who made heaven and earth showed special things called visions to men that He picked, visions are like TV in your mind, showing things that will happen.



These guys told what God said and showed it to the people of God and to the nations of the world.




Isaiah was the guy God picked to tell His words through the days of 4 kings of Judah in Jerusalem.





God said through Isaiah, Listen heavens and earth,





I fed and grew up My children





but they turned their backs on Me.




Do the cows know where to get their food?



Yes, but My people are going somewhere else and eating stuff from the bad ones.




From this bad food they are doing lots of bad stuff and making lots of hurt and trouble for everyone.

Their bodies are sick and the land isn’t growing anything and the cities are burned with fire.



If the Lord had not kept alive a tiny handful of people there would be nobody around, but just flat, burned land like Sodom and Gomorrah.




Listen to what God says, Why bring me all these empty presents




when you don’t hear a word I say? I can’t stand it anymore.


Don’t bring me empty presents but wash all the blood off your hands and learn not to be bad and hurt people.

Learn to do what is right and fair. Stop charging too much money for everything. Help the women who have no husbands and the kids who have no dads.



Come on now, let’s talk about this, says the Lord. Even if your sins are the brightest red, I will make you white as snow.



If you will do it and obey, I will fill your land with good food.



But if you just won’t do it, a sword will chase after you. The Lord says this, and it will happen.





My happy city is now full of killers and everyone there only wants money.




The Lord of the armies of heaven says, I will get rid of My enemies that cause all this trouble. I will clean up all this mess.




I will set leaders that do the right and fair thing and people who show the right way to go so that everyone’s life can be good and happy.




You will be embarrassed about all the bad stuff you did and the places you bowed down the statues and trees.


The ones who are strong at doing bad will be like a match and burn up everything that causes bad stuff.