When king David was real old, he couldn’t keep warm. So his servants found a beautiful young woman to take care of him and to snuggle up to him to keep him warm.



David’s son called Adonijah knew that his father was old and so declared himself to be the king.

When two people came to tell David, David took Solomon, the son that God said would be king after David, and made him the king.


When David was real old and about to die he told Solomon: Be strong. Watch and do everything that the Lord says to us in the law He gave us by Moses.


And the Lord will keep His promise to me to keep my children ruling Israel if they do what the Lord has said.




You are a wise man and God will show you how to rule.





Then David rested with his fathers and was buried in the city of David.



So Solomon sat on the throne of his father David and his throne was set firm by God because Solomon did what God said.






Solomon blessed the people who had been good to his father David and was firm with the people who had helped David’s enemies.


He told them, The Lord will repay the bad that you have done but King Solomon will be blessed and David’s throne will be sure before God’s eyes forever.





Solomon showed his love for God by living by the rules that God had given Israel.




God the Lord appeared to Solomon and said, Ask me for whatever you want







and I will give it to you.

Solomon said to God, You have been very kind to me. You made me king after my father David. But I am just a little child. I don’t know how to be the king.


I ask you to make me wise enough to do a good job of ruling your people.


The Lord was very pleased with Solomon because of this so He said, Since you asked for this and not a long life or riches for yourself, I will do what you ask. I will make you wiser than any other man.


And on top of that, I will give you what you didn’t ask for. I will make you the richest and most important man in the world.




And if you do what I say is best, I will give you a very long life.





Then Solomon went to God’s temple and gave Him gifts and spent a long time being with God. Then he had a big feast for all his family and helpers.

When people came to court, Solomon did what God showed him to do in each case and the people were afraid to lie to the king.



They saw that God gave Solomon the right answers every time to always do what is right.