When David had been back at his village for 2 days, after getting back his family from the raiders, a man came to him with dirt on his head and his clothes torn.




He bowed before David and David asked, Where are you from?




The man said, I escaped from the camp of Israel.




David asked, What happened in the battle? Please tell me.

The man answered, The people ran away and many are dead. And Saul and his sons are dead.

David and his men were very sad for Saul and Israel. David wrote a song for the men to teach their children about how brave and strong Saul and his son Jonathan were and how much they helped the nation and made things good for them and how much David loved Jonathan.


After this David asked God, Should I go back home, to the cities of Judah? God told him yes, Go to the city of Hebron.


So David took his wives and his children and his men and went where God had told him. When he got there, the people of Judah made him their king.


But Abner, Saul’s top general, took one of Saul’s sons who was still alive and made him king over the largest part of Israel.

The two kings armies fought from time to time and some of their men died. David’s men grew stronger and stronger but the family of Saul grew weaker and weaker.


Six sons were born to David during these years at the city of Hebron. They all had different mom’s.

Then Saul’s son became angry with his top general and the top general went over to David’s side and promised to bring the whole family of Israel to David’s side.

The general reminded everyone how God had said that He would deliver Israel from life with the Philistines being boss over them by David’s hand.



All the people were happy with everything king David did.




When Saul’s son heard that his top general was dead, he got scared.





Then, when he was taking a nap, two of his own men who worked at his house, killed him and took his head to David. They said, God has avenged you of your enemy.

But David said to them, As the Lord lives who bought back my soul from every trouble, you have done a bad thing to kill a good man in his home, on his own bed.





Then David did to them what they did to Saul’s son.