The young lady went with Abraham’s servant back to the special promised land. She married Abraham’s son whose name was Isaac.

God gave them many happy days together but she didn’t have any babies. So Isaac prayed and asked God and God gave them two babies at once.

The babies were growing together inside her and bumping around a lot. She wondered what was happening so she went and asked God.

He told her, Two nations are growing inside you and one will be stronger than the other. The older one will serve the younger one.

The day when the babies were born, one came out first, all red and hairy so they called him Red. The other one grabbed his heel on the way out so they called him Jacob. It means cheater.


When the two boys grew up, Red was a good hunter who lived out in the woods.



His dad loved him best because he made him yummy food that he’d caught in the woods.



Red was born first so he was supposed to get God’s special blessings and lead the family. But he didn’t like God.


His brother, Jacob, liked God. He cared for flocks of sheep and lived in a tent.

One day Red came in from hunting and was so tired and hungry that he asked his brother, Jacob, for a bowl of red beans that he was cooking. Jacob said, First sell me your rights for being born first.



Red said, What good is that? Give me the beans. So Red sold his rights to his brother for a bowl of beans because he didn’t care about anything but hunting and eating.