Jesus is the One the Lord God sent from heaven to save the people from the bad one and all his bad stuff and from their own bad stuff they did and the bad stuff in them.

The Lord God promised to send Jesus at the start in the Garden of Eden after man disobeyed and ate the fruit that made them see bad stuff and good stuff.


When man disobeyed it showed he didn’t trust God and that ruined everything, all the happy times and good stuff God made.


All down through the years and families of people the Lord God kept alive a special seed from Adam to make Jesus.




All down through the years and the trouble the people kept waiting and watching for the Special promised One.

And then when just the right time came, the Lord God kept His promise. Through the families of kings there came a special King from heaven who was the very Son of God Himself.

Lots of people tried to save the world, but none could because they all did some bad stuff and didn’t know everything, didn’t have all the power, and didn’t even know the right thing to do.


But the Lord God always loved all the people and helped them and wanted to keep them for His very own.


All through the years and families, the Lord God kept passing on a special seed, ready for the One He promised to send.



When it was just the right time, the Lord God made a young lady and her name was Mary.


Then the Lord God sent His Holy Spirit to put His own special seed into Mary to make Jesus. So Jesus is the very one, the only first true Son of God.

It happened like this, when Mary was old enough to get married, and it was almost time for her to marry the man the Lord God made her for whose name was Joseph, the Holy Spirit came to Mary and put in the special Seed right from the heavenly Father that had no badness in it.

Mary and Joseph were both from the families of the kings of Israel. So their family would be a double king family. But the Special One is even bigger than that, He is the forever king, because He was always with God forever before and He was God Himself.



So the Lord God sent an angel to tell Joseph that it was ok to get married to Mary because the baby she was going to have was the special One, the One the world had been waiting to see for 4,000 years.

The angel said to Joseph, Don’t be scared to take Mary for your wife because the baby she has growing inside her is from the Holy Spirit. She will have the baby and you are to name Him Jesus because He will save His people from their sins and all the bad stuff they did and all the bad stuff in them.

All these things happened the way that the Lord God had told the people all through the years saying, A pure young lady will be growing a baby in her from no man, and she will have the child and they will call Him, Emmanuel, that means ‘God with us.’



So Joseph got up and took Mary to be His wife but didn’t join with her until after the baby Jesus was born. He called the baby’s name Jesus.

Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea in the days when Herod was the king, Wise men came from the east country to Jerusalem and asked everyone, Where is the king that was born? The King of the Jews.


We saw the star in the East that told about Him and have come to bow down and worship Him and love Him with our hearts.


When king Herod heard about this he was upset and all the people who lived in Jerusalem were upset too.

They gathered together all the leaders and asked where the special one was to be born.

The men who knew the Lord’s writings told him, Bethlehem in Judah, though a small place the Great king will come from you, who will be The big ruler of the Lord’s people Israel.

Then Herod called and told the wise men, He is to be born in Bethlehem. When you find Him, come back to tell me because I want to go bow down to Him too. But the king was lying.

When the wise men went toward Bethlehem to find the baby King, they saw the star that had been leading them again and were real happy.

They came into the house where the baby Jesus was with Mary and fell down loved Him in their heart and opened their treasures and gave Him gold and frankincense and myrrh.




After that the Lord God warned them in a dream to leave and go home another way instead of going back to tell king Herod. So they did what the angel told them.



Then the Lord came to Joseph in a dream and told him to take the baby and run away to Egypt and stay there until the Lord told him because king Herod wanted to find the baby and kill Him.




The words from the Lord in old times had also told all about this.




Herod sent out his soldiers and killed all the boy babies around Jerusalem under 2 years old and all the Mommies were crying and couldn’t stop.


But when Herod was dead, and angel of the Lord came to Joseph in Egypt, in a dream and said, Get up and take the child back to Israel because the one who tried to kill him is dead.


So Joseph and Mary took Jesus back to Israel, but Herod’s son was the king now and Joseph was afraid he would want to kill Jesus too, and the Lord God sent an angel to warn him, so Joseph went to live in Galilee in a city called Nazareth.



This also is what the Lord had said through His men through the years, that Jesus would be called a Nazarene.