Big, special happiness comes from God to the people who do not follow the bad one or make fun of other people.

But big special happiness comes from God to people who are very happy in their hearts to listen to what the Lord God says and think about it in the daytime and in the nighttime.

Those people will be like a tree planted by a big river. That tree is never thirsty; but always has plenty of water so that it makes big, juicy fruit in summertime and in wintertime.



Its leaves never shrivel up or fall off and everything it does do turns out really good.



But people who follow the bad one are like dry, brown weeds that the wind blows away.


They will not be able to stand up in front of God when its time to be judged by Him.



They won’t stand with God’s children around His throne. They won’t be with God’s people at all forever.


Because the Lord God knows those who follow Him but the footsteps of those who follow the bad one will fade into nothing forever.







So why do the people who follow the bad one get angry and yell bad things at God?












of the world get together







and plan ways to hurt God and His Son





that He has set to rule over everything forever.






They say, Let’s break every hold he has on us and throw away His rules.



But He that sits in the heavens laughs at them and thinks their plans are silly.




He is not happy but mad when He says to them,






“I have set My king in the highest place.


“I said to Him, You are My Son; today I become Your Father.




Ask Me, and I will give you all the nations to be Yours.






“You will rule over them with Your perfect strength,




You will break them into little pieces.



“Listen to My warning, O kings, you men who are rulers over the world.


“Follow Me and do what I say, because it is right and will make you very happy. Be afraid to turn away from Me.











the Son so that He is not mad at you,






to let go of you and you stop being,







because he holds everything together.





Most happy of all is everyone who looks to Him and rests in Him.