God gave the children of Israel lots of babies. So many that they were more and stronger than the people who lived in Egypt.

There was a new king in Egypt who didn’t know Joseph and he was afraid of the children of Israel so he started making them work hard like slaves.




But the worse he treated them, the more and stronger they grew.

So the king told the women who helped when babies were born to hurt the baby boys but keep the baby girls.

But the women knew that God was in charge, even over bad kings. So they listened to God and didn’t kill the babies. God protected them and made them big families.



Then Pharaoh made a law to throw all Israel’s boy babies in the river but keep the girl babies safe.


One man from the children of Israel named Levi had a beautiful baby boy. He refused to throw him in the river.

He and his wife hid the baby as long as they could and then they trusted God and made a plan.

They built a basket and covered it so water wouldn’t leak in and put the baby inside and put it in the river where the king’s daughter, the princess, took her bath.

When the princess came out to take a bath she found the basket. The baby was crying inside and her heart was soft toward the baby. She knew it was one the king wanted to die.




She took the beautiful baby out of the basket and held him. The baby’s sister was watching nearby and asked, Shall I find a woman to nurse the baby for you? So the man and his wife got to keep their baby for a while and even be paid to do it for the princess.

The king’s daughter called the baby, Moses, because she took him out of the water. She raised him like her own son. He was going to be a ruler in Egypt.