One of Jesus’ followers wrote about all that Jesus started to do and teach until the day He was taken back up into heaven, after the Holy Spirit told Him what to tell His followers to do after He was gone.

Jesus showed that He was alive again forever from being dead by many signs that couldn’t be erased for forty days, telling them all kinds of stuff about the kingdom of God. Jesus told them to stay all together in Jerusalem until the promise of special power from the Holy Spirit came down to them from the Father.

When the followers asked Jesus when the Father’s kingdom would come, Jesus told them, It’s not for you to know about the times. That’s only for the Father to know, But He will send down power on You, and you will go all around the world to tell everyone that I paid for all the bad stuff and they can all come into the kingdom of heaven for free now to be with My Father and Me forever.

After Jesus said this, the followers watched as He was taken up off the ground into the air and into a cloud and went up into heaven. When the men were still looking up where Jesus went two men stood by them in white clothes and said to them, Why are you standing here looking up into heaven. This same Jesus who was taken up into heaven will come back down here just like you saw Him go up.

So the followers went back to Jerusalem and stayed together in an upstairs room, praying. There were 120 or more of them there praying and talking to God. Then Peter and the group picked another guy to be in place of the one who sold Jesus to the leaders. Really bad stuff happened to that one.

When the day came for the promise of power to be given, the followers were all together in one place and a sound came from heaven like a fast wind running and it filled the house where the 120 followers were sitting.

On top of each ones head was a shiny bright light like a tongue of fire and the Holy Spirit from God started to talk in other languages from the followers’ mouths.

People from other countries all around the world were in Jerusalem for one of the big parties to the Lord, when they heard words from the followers telling them about Jesus finishing paying for all their bad stuff, and about all the amazing stuff that God does. They heard the followers talking each one in the words from their own country.

They were all amazed and wanted to know what was happening but some said they had been drinking too much wine. But Peter stood up in front of them and said, No, they haven’t been drinking wine. It’s too early in the morning. No! That’s not it. This is what the special writings from God told about through the man named Joel, that God said He would pour out His Spirit of power on everyone and they would tell all His good stuff. And anyone who calls out to God will be saved.

You people of Israel, Jesus from Nazareth was showed by God to be from Him because of all the amazing things He did. But you did bad and took Him and killed Him. But God raised Him up, death couldn’t keep Him because He did no bad, like the special writings from God said.

He has been lifted up highest to sit at the right hand side of God the Father in heaven. This same Jesus that you killed, God has made to be the boss over everything everywhere in the universe.

When the people of Israel heard this they had a pain in their hearts and said, What can we do? Peter said, Turn back to God and be dunked to wash away all your badness and God will give you His Holy Spirit too.

Peter told them lots of other words and said, Save yourself from this bad time and from this bad stuff. The ones who liked what Peter said were dunked about 3,000 that day and they went and stayed with the other followers and ate and had good times together and prayed.



Everyone’s heart was amazed and many special, amazing things were done by the 12 most special followers who had been closest to Jesus. And everyone shared all their stuff with everyone else who needed stuff.

And they all went to each other’s houses to eat and have happy times in God. They all were loving God together and telling the best words to Him and about Him. All the people in the city liked these people and the Lord added more everyday to the followers.

Peter and John went into the temple and a man was there who couldn’t walk from the time he was born. The man was put sitting outside the temple to ask people for money as the people came to see God. Peter and John said to the man, Look at us. The man looked up at them thinking they would give him some money.

Peter said, I don’t have any gold or silver, but I will give you what I have. Get up and walk. Right then God made the man’s feet and legs strong and he leaped up and started jumping around and yelling happy thank you’s to God.

All the people saw it and knew it was the man who had never been able to walk and always had to be carried around everywhere. When Peter saw how amazed the people were he said, Why are you so amazed and looking at us like we by our own power made this man walk?

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has showed the shiny brightness of His Son Jesus, who you gave to the leaders. You said no to the special promised One and you wanted a robber who had killed people. And you killed the Prince of all Life.




But God raised Him up and you saw it all.

It is by the faith in this One, Jesus, that this man is made all better and can walk. We know that you didn’t mean to kill the special promised One. You didn’t know what you were doing.




God showed from the start and told through men that His Son would take the spanking for us all.

So turn back to Him and have all your bad stuff erased forever and then good newness will come to your heart from being close to the smile of the Lord.

And He will send Jesus who must be kept in heaven until it is time to make everything good again which God said will happen. The Lord said, I will send One to tell you everything. Everyone who won’t hear Him will be cut off.

All God’s men from Samuel and after him told about the good time coming, and the amazing deal that God made with our fathers that through them the whole world would be brought His special happiness. God raised up from being dead His Son, Jesus, and sent Him to put His special happiness on you to turn you away from all your bad stuff.

While Peter and John were telling this stuff to the people the leaders came and were upset that they told the people about Jesus being brought back from being dead. They arrested them and put them in jail. But many who heard what they said believed in Jesus, 5,000 of them.

The next day they took Peter and John out of jail and brought them to be judged. They asked, By what power, or who made this man walk again?

The Holy Spirit filled Peter and said, You leaders of Israel, You ask how this man can walk. Then know, all of you, and all the people in Israel that by Jesus from Nazareth, who you killed and God raised from being dead, by Him this man stands here in front of you all well.

Jesus is the stone you builders of the country threw away, but God made Him the highest stone in the building. No one can be saved anywhere but by Him. No other name is given under heaven except Him to be saved by.

When they saw how strong and brave Peter and John were and knew that they were just little fisherman who hadn’t ever gone to school, they knew that they had been with Jesus.


And seeing the well man standing there, they couldn’t say anything against it. So they talked in private and then told them they could go but not to talk about Jesus anymore or they would be beaten and maybe killed.

Peter said, You tell me, Is it right to do what you say, or what God says? We can only tell what we saw and what we heard.  So the leaders let them go because all the people saw what was done and were amazed at God because the man was over 40 years old who was healed.

So Peter and John went back home to the other followers and told them everything that had happened and they all prayed together and said, Lord, You are God who made heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them.

And by your servant, David, said that the bad ones all lift up against You, and think empty stuff. The kings and leaders stand up against You and against the special promised One you sent.




They are against Your special child, Jesus, who you put your Holy Spirit on. 



Now, Lord, Look at what they are saying and make us strong and brave to tell your word, and stretch out Your hand and make people well and free from the bad ones, and show signs and amazing wonders in Jesus name.

When they had prayed, the walls started shaking and the Holy Spirit filled all of them and they told God’s word strongly and bravely.



And the followers were all together and thinking the same thing, loving God, and they all shared their stuff with everyone who needed anything and sold their stuff to help everyone.




And God’s big special love was on all of them.