One man who listened to God really good was

Abraham. He lived in a big city where most of the people listened to the bad one and tried to make themselves great.

One day God said to him, Get out of here. Go to a place I will show you. And I will make from you a great nation. I will make your name great. And you will be a blessing to everyone. I will make everyone happy who is nice to you and I will put bad things on ones who are mean to you. And in you I will bless all the families of the world.

Abraham believed what God said and went out. God led him to the best land. It was right in the middle of everything and more beautiful than anywhere else in the world. It was full of brooks of water with valleys and hills full of grain and fruit trees, grapevines and fig trees and honey.


 When Abraham got there God showed Himself to Abraham. He was shiny bright and beautiful light with rainbows flashing out.




God talked to Abraham and promised to give Abraham’s children all this beautiful land.

A special surprise was that Abraham couldn't have children. He was too old. But he believed God. And God was going to do it anyway and give Abraham a son because He has all the power. He was amazed and very happy and built a place to thank God and be with Him.

When there wasn’t enough food Abraham took his wife and went to Egypt to live. His wife was very beautiful so Abraham lied and said she was his sister because he was afraid they would kill him to steal her. He wasn’t trusting God to protect them.






The king of Egypt saw her and took her to his house. He gave Abraham lots of presents because of her.

But God sent trouble to the king’s house, great big troubles. When the king found out Sarah was Abraham’s wife, he got upset and sent them away from his land.

God used the bad thing that happened to bring Abraham back to God so he would be safe. Abraham knew then that he should have just asked God and trusted Him when there wasn’t much food, instead of lying and going to Egypt. God always has lots of everything.

Abraham and his nephew, Lot, both had lots of cows and sheep and camels. Their workers who took care of the animals kept getting angry and fighting with each other. They had too many animals to stay together. So Abraham told Lot to pick whichever place he wanted and Abraham would go someplace else.

Lot picked the most beautiful place with the best water. The place he picked was also full of people who followed the bad ones who were being really bad and hurting each other so much that their cries went up to heaven and were heard by God.

After Lot left, Abraham was standing on a high mountain and God said to him, “Lift up you eyes. Look all around you. All the land that you see, I will give to you and to your children forever. This was a really big promise because Abraham still didn’t have even one child.

God said, I will give you as many children as there are pieces of dust on the ground. If you can count the pieces of dust on the ground them you will be able to count all your children. Get up and walk through the land from top to bottom and from side to side. I will give it all to you.