A man named Elkanah of the children of Israel had two wives. One was called Hannah and the other Peninah.

Peninah had children, sons and daughters for Elkanah, but Hannah had no children. Hannah’s heart was sad because she had no children.





Elkanah took his wives and children to God’s temple

each year for the party to celebrate God and all the good things He did for Israel.

When they feasted with God from the offerings they took to God’s house, Elkanah gave Hannah a lot more food than the others because he loved her.

But Hannah’s enemy said mean things to her and made her feel bad because she had no children.


Hannah started crying. Then her husband said, Why are you crying Hannah? Do I not treat you better than ten sons?





The high priest at God’s house was named Eli. He was in charge of the work at God’s house. His two sons, Hophni and Phinehas helped with the work.



Eli was sitting by a post at the temple when Hannah came to pray. She talked to God in her heart but her lips were moving. But no words were coming out.

She promised God that if He would give her a son, she would loan him back to serve at God’s temple all the days of his life.




Eli saw her lips moving and thought she was drunk. He said to her, How long will you be drunk? Put away the wine.


Hannah told the priest, No sir, I’m not drunk. Do not think I am a bad person. I am very sad and telling God my trouble.







The priest told her, Go in peace, God will give you what you asked. So Hannah left and wasn’t sad any more.

That year God gave Elkanah and Hannah the child she prayed for. It was a boy and they called him Samuel because God heard and answered their prayer.




When Samuel wasn’t a baby anymore, Hannah took him to the temple and gave him to God with big presents for God because she was so glad.

She told the high priest, Eli, I am the woman who prayed, and God answered my prayer. This is the child I prayed for. I am lending him to God to serve God here all his life.




Eli lifted his heart in happiness to God when he heard this.

Hannah was so happy she told God, You make my heart so happy; You lifted me up high above my enemies. I am so happy you saved me. There is none like you.



Say no more high words that lift up against God; because he knows everything and measures what we do.




The weapons of strong men are broken and the weak are wrapped in strength.




Those who had lots of food now have to work hard for a bite to eat. And He makes the hungry ones full.

Those who can have no children now have houses full of them. But those with lots of children are now weak.






All life and death is in your hands. You make poor and you make rich.

You bring the high ones low. You take the low ones and lift them up high and bring beggars to sit with princes and give them to inherit your throne of glory.



What makes the world strong belongs to the Lord. He set the world on its pillars.

He guards the feet of those who want Him, but the bad ones are quiet in the dark; Because no man wins by his strength, only by God’s strength.



Those who are against the Lord will be broken to pieces. From heaven the Lord thunders on them.

The Lord will judge the ends of the earth. He gives strength to His king and lifts up the one He has chosen to rule.