God gave the man and his lady lots of good days full of sunshine and good things but it was hard sweaty work for the man to grow food.


They had lots of babies and the animals had lots of babies that grew up and also had lots of babies and started to fill up the world with people made like God, the One who made them and made everything.

When they didn't get puffed up but stayed close to God everything was good and they were happy.





But some of the people were listening to the bad one and bad things started happening.

Without God they weren’t happy and so they kept trying new stuff to be happy. But nothing worked. They started going wild, hurting people and ruining God’s beautiful world, instead of taking care of it.


The bad one wanted to stop God’s promise to send a helper to get them away from bad things and dying, so he had some bad angels take the ladies of the world and have babies with them. The babies they had grew up to be puffed up really big and hated God: they never listened to Him about anything.

But God loved them and kept trying to get them to come back to Him. God’s Spirit tried to show them what would make them happy, but they wouldn’t listen and hated Him more.

After a while whole world was filling up with people who weren’t real people, but only half made like God and half made like angels. Really bad ones. God couldn’t send His Son to rescue them if there were no real people left. Then everything and everyone would have to die forever.





The deepest part of God’s heart was very sad because they wouldn’t come back to Him so He could save them from trouble and death, so He could help them and make them happy.

God kept safe in a special place the ones who listened to Him and trusted Him. He protected and helped them and He filled their lives with blessing and happiness.

God waited and waited for the bad ones to come back to Him so they could live because only He is life. He waited until there was only one whole real family left through whom God could save everyone from bad stuff and death.




The man’s name was Noah. He was a real person made in God’s image and so were his three sons and their wives. They saw how kind and loving God is and listened to God and trusted Him only.

God came to Noah and told him to make a ship to save his family and the animals of the world because God was going to wash away all the bad ones and the mess they had made so He could keep His promise and bring back life and good things to the world.

God showed Noah how to do it and they started building a huge ship. It had three stories and a window on top. It took a lot of years to build and Noah kept telling the people in the world what was going to happen when it was ready, so they would listen to God and not die. But they laughed at him and kept on being bad.

When the ship was finished, Noah put lots of food inside and God brought a pair of each kind of animal from all over the world, a boy and a girl. He brought them to Noah and they all went inside the ship and God shut the door to keep them safe.


And God opened windows in heaven and waters came up from inside the world and God washed all the bad and ruin away.





Then God sent a wind to dry the world.

When the ground was dry, God brought Noah and his family out into a clean world and a new start and promised to never again destroy the whole world with water.


God made everything happy again and told them all to have lots of babies and fill up the world.


Noah and his family made a thank you offering to God that showed they still trusted in the One God would send to rescue them from the bad one.

God was pleased and promised in His heart to make the ground grow food easier even when man’s heart leans toward bad. Then He put the rainbow in clouds as a sign that He would always keep His promise.