At the new start, God told the people to have lots of

babies and spread out over the whole land.







So Noah's sons had lots of babies that grew up to have lots more babies.



The world started to fill up with people and they all used the same words and understood each others words. But some were listening to the bad one and didn’t listen to God.






They wanted to make themselves great when only God is great.



So they built a really high tower and went up at night and bowed down to love and thank the bad ones and the stars for making them and giving them good things instead of thanking God who made them and gave them good things.

God still wanted to do His plan to save them from all bad things and death but He couldn’t do it if the people were not listening to Him but listening to the bad ones. So He came down from his home in heaven to see the big tower and the city they were building.

God saw that by joining together the people would be able to do anything they wanted instead of following His plan to rescue them, so God mixed up their words so they couldn’t understand each others talking. The people had to split up and just be with ones who understood their words.


Then, when they stopped building the tower and the city, and were spread out over all the land, God split the land into big pieces floating on the oceans so they people couldn’t join together against Him again.

God was good to the people all over the world and gave them sunshine and rain for their crops to grow so they would have food for themselves and their animals to eat.

God gave them babies and lots of good days to be happy. When they listened to Him, He made them very happy and loaded up their lives with lots of good things.



But God left the bad ones on the earth to test the people's hearts to see if they would listen Him or  the bad one.

You see, God is making a very special happy place that lasts forever and where everyone is with God and nothing bad ever happens, just big fun and happy things. If bad ones get in there, they would ruin it again.

But God is so good, that He gave the bad ones lots of time and long chances to listen to Him so He could make it all better for them too.