And I saw an angel come down from heaven that had the key to the pit that has no end and a big fat chain in his hand.

That angel grabbed hold of the dragon, the old serpent that tricked Eve in the God’s garden, he is the devil who is called Satan,

and the angel tied him up with the chain for 1,000 years and threw him into the pit and shut the top over him and put a strong seal on the top so he couldn’t trick the countries anymore until the 1,000 years were gone. Then he has to be let go for a little bit of time.

And I saw thrones and ones that sat on them and they were made to be the judges of the world.

And I saw the souls of the ones who died for Jesus and for the words from God, the ones who didn’t bow down to the bad one, or the beast, or his statue.




They lived again and were in charge over the world for 1,000 years.

But the rest of the ones who died didn’t live again until after the 1,000 years was done.




This is the first coming alive again.

Happy and special is the one who is in the first coming alive again. The next dying can’t touch that one.



They will be priests of God and Jesus and will be ruling with Him on His throne for 1,000 years.

And when the 1,000 years has passed by, the bad one will be loose from the chain and let out of the pit. And he will go around to the countries of the world and trick people all over the world and bring them to fight against God again.



There are so many of them they are like to sand by the sea, too many to count.

They come from all over the whole world and surround God’s special city, Jerusalem, to kill everyone there, and ruin the city.


But God will send fire down from heaven that will eat them all up.

The bad one, the devil, that tricked them will be thrown into the lake of fire and burning rocks where the beast and liar are, and they will be hurting with the hurt they put on the ones they tricked, and the hurt they put on the whole world, forever and ever.



John kept seeing more stuff and writing it down. He said, I saw a great big white throne and One sat on it.

Heaven and earth ran away from the face of the One sitting on this throne. And they didn’t have a place to be anywhere anymore.

And I saw the dead, big ones and little ones, important ones and not important ones, who had died. They were standing in front of God.

And the books of heaven, where God had everything written down, were opened.



And another book was opened, the book that has the names written of all the ones who believed in Jesus, who believed that He died to take away all their bad stuff.



And the dead people were judged, (looked at to show what they did, if it was good or bad).


And all the people who died in the ocean came up to stand in front of God, to be seen if what they did was good or bad.


And all the people who died and were in hell, came back to stand in front of God.



They were all looked at to see if they did good or bad when they were living in the world.

Then death and hell were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second dying.




All that weren’t found written in the book of life (that didn’t believe in Jesus) were thrown into the lake of fire.