Jesus kept showing John more stuff about when He comes back to be King over the world. John said, After these things I saw another angel come down from heaven who had great big power and the world was all lighted up bright with his shiny brightness.





The angel cried out real loud with a very strong voice that said, The great city Babylon fell down, fell down and is now where bad spirits live and every yukky spirit and every hateful bird lives there.

This happened because all the countries drank from the bad stuff from the bad ones that went away from God. The world got rich by their big amount of bad stuff, their lying and tricking and stealing and killing.



Give her back double bad for all the bad stuff she did. She puffed herself up and lived with all the best stuff and said, I am a queen and not empty. No sad stuff will happen to me.

So her bad stuff will come back on her in one day because the Lord God who spanks her is strong.


And the kings of the world that did bad with her shall cry big tears for her when they see the smoke going up when she burns.

They stand far away and watch the burning because they won’t get any more of her gold and silver and pretty stones and pearls and beautiful clothes and purple and silk and special wood and ivory and brass and iron and marble and cinnamon and perfumes and lotions and incense and wine and oil and yummy foods and animals and sheep and horses and chariots and slaves and other people.

They won’t find any more the best yummy stuff of the world. They cry real loud because this stuff made them rich and so they won’t be rich anymore.




The city was pretty with all the beautiful stuff and gold and diamonds and pearls but it is all gone in one hour. It is now nothing.

The sailors and ship-owners and traders and store owners cry when they see the smoke of the city and say, Look now, the great city that made us all rich is ruined and empty in 1 hour. What city is like that great city?






They threw dust on their heads and cried and wailed so loud.

Heaven, be happy, and all the followers, and Jesus’ saved people, because God has got back all her bad on her that she did to you.


A big strong angel took a big grinding stone and threw it into the sea real hard and said, That is how Babylon will be thrown down and never be found again.

And all the music makers and trumpeters won’t be heard anymore or the hammers of the workers. No candle will be found in you anymore or the happy voices of brides and bridegrooms, because your bad stuff tricked all the countries of the world.




And blood from God’s people you killed was found in you and all the ones killed in the world.

Then I heard a great sound of many people in heaven saying, Hallelujah! Saving and shiny brightness and highness and power to the Lord our God



Because He is true and right to spank the great lady who did bad, and turned away lots of people in the world from their God who made them and loves them.




God paid her back for her bad stuff she did and her smoke goes up forever and forever.


And the 24 older leaders and the four wild animals fell down and loved God with all their hearts saying, I believe it. We are happy.


And a voice came out of the throne that said, Say the best stuff to God all you followers that hold him high in your hearts, both the little ones and the big ones.

And I heard the sound of a voice of a great big lot of people, like the voice of many waterfalls that said, Hallelujah, the Lord God with all the power is king now.




Be so happy and hold Him up highest because the marriage of the Lamb is now come and his wife has made herself ready. She is given special clean white clothes that are the good right stuff she did.



He said, Happy are the ones that come to the marriage party.




These are the true words from God.

John said, I fell down at the feet of the angel who told me this stuff. But he said, Don’t do it, don’t bow down to me. I am a just a follower like you, who has the true words of Jesus.


Bow down to God. What Jesus says tells what is going to happen next.

And I saw heaven open, and look, a white horse, and one sat on the horse who is called Faithful and True. He is right to make war against the bad ones and their bad stuff.



The One on the horse has eyes burning like fire, and on his head are many crowns. And he has a name written that only He knows.

And He has a robe dipped in blood and His name is called the Word from God. The armies in heaven followed Him on white horses. They were wearing clean, white clothes, and the sword of His all powerful words come out of His mouth that He strikes down the bad nations with.



And He will rule over them very strong so none can do bad and all will be good.





He tramples down the bad stuff in God’s strong anger.

A name is written on His shirt and on his leg that says, KING over all kings and LORD over all Lords.

And I saw an angel standing in the sun who called to all the birds in the heavens to fly together to come to a big party and eat up the bad ones.

The bad leaders and the kings of the world and their armies came to make war against the One sitting on the white horse and His army.

The beastie leader, and his helper that did the amazing signs to trick the people who took the mark of the beastie, and bowed down to his statue, were picked up and thrown alive into the lake of fire.

And the rest were killed by the sword of the One that sat on the horse, the word of power that came out of His mouth.





And the birds ate them up and were filled with them.