John said, I looked and saw a Lamb standing on the mountain called Zion with 144,000 people who had the Father’s name written on their forehead.

And I heard a voice talking from heaven that sounded like many waterfalls, and it sounded like a great thundering. And I heard the voice of harps playing.

They were singing a new song in front of God’s throne. And no man could learn the song but the 144,000 that were bought back from the world. They were only for Jesus and didn’t get married to ladies.

They followed the Lamb wherever He went. No lies or tricks were in their mouth. They were perfect in front of the throne of God.

Then I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven who told the true words to all the different countries and people of the world.


They said, Bow down to God and give your best words to Him because all the shiny bright best power is His, and the time has come to judge.

Bow down and love in your hearts the One who made the heaven and the world and the sea and all the fountains of waters.



Another angel followed the first one flying through the heaven that said, Babylon, that great city has fallen down, that made all the cities of the world drink her badness.

And another angel followed that one who said to all the people and countries of the world with a really loud voice, Any one that takes the mark of the bad one on his head or hand will drink of the spanking of God that will be poured out full strong.




They will be hurting with fire and burning rocks in front of God’s special angels and in front of Jesus, the Lamb.

The smoke from their hurting goes up for ever and always and they can’t rest anytime day or night, the ones who bow down to the bad one and the statue of him or take his mark.

The ones that follow God and keep what He says and who believe in Jesus won’t take the mark and will be safe with God forever even if the bad ones try to hurt them.

Then I heard a voice from heaven saying, Write this, Happy are the ones who die in Jesus from now on. The Spirit says they will rest from their work and their work brings good treasures to follow after them.

And I looked again and I saw a white cloud and on the cloud sat one like the Son of man, who had a gold crown on His head and a sharp cutting knife in His hand.

Another angel came out of the temple yelling loud, Put in your knife and cut the grapes of the world because they are ready.




So the one sitting on the cloud cut the grapes of the world.

And another angel came out from the altar that had the power over fire and yelled out loud to the one with the cutting knife, Cut the grapes because they are ready. And throw them into God’s winepress because God’s is mad at all the bad and hurt they do.


The winepress was trampled outside the city and blood came out that went for 200 miles.

And I saw another picture made of stars in the sky, big and beautiful. It was 7 angels that had the last 7 spankings, because with them, God’s anger is all gone.

And I saw what looked like the sea, but made of glass mixed with fire, and the ones that won over the bad one and over his statue and his mark on their hands and head, were standing on the sea of sparkly glass.


These ones were standing on the sea of glass with harps of God in their hand. They sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb that says:

Great and wonderful is what you do, Lord God Almighty, you do what is just and true and right, O King over the ones you made special.



Who won’t be scared of you, O Lord, and give you the best shiny brightness because you are most special.




All the nations will come and bow down to you because what you do is shown.

After that I looked and saw the temple in heaven was open and 7 angels came out of the temple with the 7 last spankings.



They were wearing pure white clothes and had golden sashes around their chest.





One of the four animals gave the 7 angels 7 tiny jars that were full of God’s madness at man’s badness.



And the temple was filled with smoke from the amazing shiny brightness of God and from His power that has no end.




No man was able to go into the temple until the 7 last spankings are done.