John said, I saw another angel full of power come down from heaven who had a rainbow on his head and his face was bright as the sun and his feet like pillars of fire.






This angel had a little book that was open in his hand. The angel put his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land.



The angel yelled real loud and roared like a lion. When he yelled, the 7 thunders sounded their voices.

I was about to write it down and when a voice said to me from heaven, Shut up the things the 7 thunders said and do not write it.




Then the angel who stood on the sea and ground lifted up his hand to heaven and made a promise by Him that lives forever and ever,




the One who made heaven and everything in it





and who made the world and everything in it,





and who made the sea and everything in it





He promised there would be no more waiting.

The days when the voice of the number 7 angel starts to make his sound, the special secret of God is done, that He told to the ones who talk for Him.

The voice that spoke to me from heaven said, Go and take the little book out of the hand of the angel that is standing on the sea and ground.




So I went to the angel and said to him, Give me the little book.




The angel said, Take it and eat it up and it will make your tummy feel yukky, but it will be so sweet in your mouth like honey.




I took the little book out of the angel’s hand and ate it up, It was sweet in my mouth like honey, but made my tummy feel yukky.

Then he said to me, You must tell again the special words of God to may people and countries and nations and kings.


They gave me a long measuring stick; and the angel stood and said, Get up and check the size of the temple of God and the altar, and the ones who bow down, loving God there.



But don’t check the outside court because it is given over to the other countries that don’t follow God until their time is over.




They will trample all over it for 42 months.

I will give power to my two witnesses and they will tell God’s words for 1,260 days wearing rough clothes.



These are the olive trees and the candlesticks that stand before God giving true light on the world.





If anyone tries to hurt them, fire will come out of their mouth to eat up their enemies.

They will have the power to shut heaven so it won’t rain, in the days they are talking.



And they will have power to turn water into blood and they can send any troubles on the world as much as they want.


When they are done telling God’s true words, a mean animal will come out of the pit to fight with them and to kill them.

No one will put their bodies in the ground, but the people of the world will have big parties and send presents to each other.

But after 3 days the Spirit of life from God will come back into them, and they will come alive again and stand up. The ones who see it will be real scared.


Then a great voice from heaven said, Come up here and the two men were lifted up from the world into a cloud and taken up into heaven while their enemies were watching and got real scared.

That same hour there was a great earthquake that shook the city and a big part of the buildings fell down and 7,000 men died and the rest were scared and gave love to God.



The second big trouble is over and the last one is coming quick.

Then the number 7 angel made his trumpet sound and said, All the kingdoms of the world are given to the Lord to be the only KING over. And He will always be the King forever over everything from then on.

Then the 24 older leaders fell down to bow before God to love Him back with all their heart and said, We tell you thanks, O Lord, our God who has always been, and is right now, and will always be



because you have taken your great power and took charge.


The countries were mad and your spanking has come and the time to judge the ones who already died



And to give the big reward to Your servants, the ones who hold You high in their hearts, the big and the little ones.



And the time has come to erase the ones who hurt the world.

The temple of God in heaven was opened and the box of God’s promise was seen and there were lightning’s and voices and thunderings and a big earth shaking and great big balls of hail falling on the world.