And when Jesus opened the number 7 seal it was all quiet in heaven for a half hour.



And I saw 7 angels that stood in front of God and He gave them 7 trumpets.


And another angel came and stood at the altar who was holding a gold pan that was full of powder perfume called incense.

The angel put it on the golden altar that was in front of the throne, a present to God who sat on the throne, with the prayers of all the followers.

The smoke of the perfume went up in front of God with the prayers of the followers, called saints, up out of the angel’s hand.




And the angel took the pan and filled it with fire from the altar and then threw it on the world.




And there were voices, and thunders and lightning’s, and the earth was shaking.


Then the 7 angels with the 7 trumpets got ready to blow the trumpets.

The first angel sounded his trumpet and hail and fire and blood mixed together fell on the world and burned up one third part of the trees and all the grass.

The next angel sounded his trumpet and a great big mountain burning with fire was thrown down into the ocean




a one third part of the waters of the sea turned into blood




and a one third part of the ships were gone.

Then the number 3 angel sounded out his trumpet and a great star from heaven that burned bright like a lamp fell onto the world on part of the rivers and fountains of waters.




The name of the star was called wormwood, and the third part of the waters turned to the poison called wormwood,



and people who drank those waters died because they were made sour.




The number 4 angel sounded his trumpet and a one third part of the sun was hit,

and a third part of the moon, and a third part of the stars, so a third part of the day had no sunshine and a third part of the night had no starlight.

John said, I kept watching and I heard and angel flying through the middle of heaven saying, Big tears, Big tears, Big tears to the ones who live in the world because of the last three trumpets of the last three angels who still will make their sounds.

The number 5 angel sounded his trumpet and I saw a star fall from heaven to the ground of the world; and a key was given to him.

He used the key to open the pit that is in the middle of the world that has no bottom. If you are in there in that pit you just keep falling and falling and falling and never stop


When the angel opened the pit thick smoke came out of the pit like the smoke from a furnace.

And out of the smoke locusts came flying. The locusts could sting like a scorpion stings.

And they were told, Don’t hurt the grass or the trees or any green stuff, just sting the men who don’t have the seal from God on their foreheads.




They couldn’t kill the men with their stings; they could only sting them for 5 months. The sting hurt real bad.



In those days men tried to die, but couldn’t. Death ran far away from them.

The locusts looked like horses that had battle armor on, and they had gold crowns on their heads, and they had faces like men, They had tails like the scorpions, and their stingers were in their tails, and they had power to hurt men for 5 months.





There was a king over the locusts who is the angel of the pit.




One big trouble was over but there are still two more coming.




The number 6 angel sounded his trumpet and I heard a voice from the golden altar in front of God that said, Let loose the four angels that are tied up in the bottom of the great river called Euphrates.

So the four angels were let loose, who were made for that very time, to kill one third part of the bad people in the world. They had an army of 2,000,000 horsemen.




I saw in front of my eyes what they looked like.



They had breastplates of fire of burning rocks and the horses heads were like lions heads, and fire and smoke and burning stone came out of their mouths.

With these fire stones they killed a third part of the bad people in the world from their mouths and their tails. Their tails were like serpents heads.

But the rest of the people left in the world didn’t turn back to God from doing all their bad stuff and bowing down to the bad ones and hurting people.