John kept on writing what he saw. He said, I heard a great voice out of the temple tell the 7 angels that said, Go your ways and pour out your tiny bottles of God’s anger on the world.



And the first one went out and poured out his bottle on the world and big sore spots fell on the men who had the mark from the bad one, the ones that bowed down to the statue of the bad one.

The second angel poured out its tiny jar on the sea and it turned to the blood of a dead man and every thing in it died.



The number 3 angel poured out its tiny bottle on the rivers and fountains and they turned into blood.

I heard the angel over the waters say, You did right, O Lord, the One who is, and the One who always was, and the One who always will be, because you did this.




Because they hurt and made the blood come out of Your children who follow You; so You gave them blood to drink. It puts the hurt back on them that did it.



Another voice from the altar said, Lord God the all powerful One, what you do is right and true.



Then the number 4 angel poured its little bottle on the sun and the sun got so strong that it burned men with fire.





The men who were burned, yelled big bad stuff at God who has the power over all this stuff. They didn’t turn back to give love and good words to God.

The number 5 angel poured out his little bottle on the place of the ruling chair for the bad one, and his kingdom turned full of strong darkness, and the dark hurt the people, but they didn’t turn back from doing bad.

The number 6 angel poured out its little bottle on the big river called Euphrates and its water dried up to make a road for the kings of the east to walk across.

And I saw 3 dirty spirits jump out of the mouth of the dragon, like frogs, and out of the mouth of the big mean animal, and the mouth of the one who was lying when he told God’s words.

These frogs are the spirits of bad ones that do special amazing signs, and that go over the whole world, to trick people and bring them to fight against God when He comes back.




The Lord said to John, Look, I am coming quick, like a robber, when no one thinks I will come.

Happy are the ones who keep watching for Me to come back and keeps his clothes clean of all bad stuff so he won’t walk naked and people see him embarrassed.




The frogs bring the bad ones to the valley called


The number 7 angel poured out its little bottle into the air, and a great big voice came out of the temple in heaven from the throne, saying, It is done!

There were voices and thunders and lightning, and a big earthquake shaking the ground of the world bigger than ever before.



God’s city, Jerusalem was split in two, and the cities of the countries all around the world fell down flat.


God remembered the bad city of Babylon, so He gave her the wine of his big anger.



All the islands ran away and the mountains were not found anymore.




And big rocks of hail fell from heaven as big as 100 pounds.

Then came one of the 7 angels that had the tiny bottles of the last troubles. He came to me (John) and said, Come here. I will show you the spanking of the great lady who sits on many waters who turned many people away from the Lord God who made them.




The kings of the world followed her and she made the people of the world drunk from all her badness.




So the angel carried me into the wild lands and I saw a lady sitting on a big red wild beast that had names against God written all over it, and it had 7 heads and 10 horns.

The lady was wearing beautiful purple and red robes and had gold and jewels and pearls dangling all over her. She had a gold cup in her hand full of all her bad stuff. A name was written on her forehead that said, Biggest and worst of all bad stuff, mother of all bad stuff.



The woman was drunk from drinking the blood of all God’s people that she killed.




When I saw her I was amazed, and the angel said to me, Why are you amazed? I will tell you who this is, and who is the wild animal that she is sitting on that has 7 heads and 10 horns.

This wild one you saw and he will come out of the pit and go into the lake of fire: and all the people of the world will be amazed, the ones that never looked for Jesus to save them (by taking their spanking), their names are not written any more in the book of life from before the world was made.s

The seven heads are 7 mountains where the woman sits. There are 7 kings: five already came and fell and are gone, one is still here and another one will come; and he must be in charge of the world for a little bit of time.


The ten horns are ten kings that don’t have their kingdom yet, but the wild beast will give them power in one hour that they are with him.



They all have one thing that they think: they give their power to the bad one.


These ones fight against the Lamb, and the Lamb will win over them because He is the King over all the Kings and the Lord over all the Lords.





The ones with the Lamb stay true to Him. He picked them and called them and holds them true.



The angel told me, The waters you saw are the peoples of the world.


The ten rulers will hate the lady and take all her beautiful stuff and burn her with fire because God put it in their heart to do what he wants until the words of God are all done.




And the woman you saw is a city that rules over the kings of the world.