John said, I watched the Lamb (Jesus) open one of the seals and I heard the noise like thunder and the one of the four animals said, Come and see.

And I looked and saw a white horse and one sitting on it that had a bow with arrows and a crown was given to him. And he went out to conquer and take for himself all the countries of the world.

And when Jesus opened the next seal, I heard another one of the animals say, Come and see. I saw a red horse go out and the one sitting on it was given power to take away the quiet peace from the earth so there would be fighting everywhere and the people would be killing each other. A great big sword was given to that one.



When the number 3 seal was opened the number 3 animal said, Come and see what is happening, and I saw a black horse go out and the one that sat on it had weighing scales in his hand.

I heard a voice in the middle of the animals say, A scoop of wheat for a penny and 3 scoops of barley for a penny (that meant prices would be too high for people to buy food and the people of the world would be hungry.)




The voice said, Don’t hurt the oil or the wine. (This means that God’s people would be safe in Him and have enough to eat)


When the number 4 seal was opened a light colored horse went out and one sat on it was called Death.





And Hell followed behind him.




Power was given to him to kill quarter part of the people of the world by the sword and by not having enough food and by the wild animals hurting people.

When the number 5 seal was opened, I saw under the altar in heaven the souls of the ones who were killed in the world because they believed the words that God said and told it out to other people so they could be saved too.

The souls cried out saying, How long, O Lord God, the most special and true one, are You waiting until You get back at them for what they did to us.




The souls were given white robes and told, Rest a little bit longer, until the rest of your brothers who believe in Jesus are done in the world and come up here with us.


Then John kept watching while the number 6 seal was opened and then he wrote down what he saw. He said, I looked and saw a great shaking of the ground of the world.



And the sun turned black and the moon looked like it was made out of blood and the stars fell out of heaven to the ground of the world like figs dropping off a fig tree when a big wind shakes it.

And the heaven rolled up like a scroll and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

And the kings of the world, and the great warriors, and the rich men, and the top leaders, and the strong men, and the slaves, and the free people too, went and hid themselves in the caves and rocks of the mountains

and said to the mountains, Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One that sits on the throne and from the big anger of the One that sits on the throne of the universe and the big anger of the Lamb (for all the hurt and bad stuff they did).





The great day of His spanking is here and who will be able to live through it?

And then after all this John saw and wrote, I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the world holding the four winds of the earth in their hands and they stopped all the wind from blowing anywhere on the fields or the ocean or on any tree.

And I saw another angel coming from the east who was carrying the marker of the Living God. He yelled really loud to the four angels that were going to hurt the ground and the sea, Don’t hurt the world or the ocean or the trees yet. Wait until we have sealed with the marker of God, His servants on their foreheads so they won’t be hurt at all.

144,000 of all the families of Israel were marked and sealed. 12,000 were marked from the family of Judah and 12,000 were marked from the family of Reuben, and 12,000 from each of the families, from Gad and Asher and Napthali and Manasseh and Simeon and the family of Levi, and the family of Issacher and Zebulon, and the family of Joseph, and 12,000 from the family of Benjamin.

After this I, John, saw lots of people, so many people that no one could count them, from all the countries and families and peoples and languages of the world.





They stood in front of the Lamb wearing shiny white robes and had branches from palm trees in their hands.




They yelled in a loud voice, Be saved, our God who sits on the throne, and the Lamb.

And all the angels stood around the throne and the older rulers and the four animals, they all fell on their faces and loved God with the biggest love from their hearts and said, We believe it:

The best and biggest happiness and shiny brightness and good thinking, and thanking and holding highest and power and strength be to our God forever and ever. We believe it.


One of the older ones asked me, Who are these ones wearing the white robes? I told him, You know, Sir.

He told me, these are the ones who came out of the world’s biggest trouble, and washed their robes white by believing Jesus took their spanking.


They will always be in front of Him and serve Him in His temple day and night.





He that sits on the throne will live with them.



They won’t ever be hungry again or thirsty again or too hot anymore from the big sunshine.

Because the Lamb who is in the middle of the throne will feed them and lead them to beautiful living fountains of waters;




And God will wipe all the tears away from their eyes.