Then John said, I saw a big amazing thing in heaven. The stars made a picture of a lady who had the sun for her clothes and moon was under her feet.






She had a crown of 12 stars on her head and she was going to have a baby.

Then I saw another amazing thing in heaven: The star picture of a big red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns and seven crowns on the heads.


The dragon’s tail swept with it a third part of the stars in heaven and threw them down to the ground of the world.

The lady had her baby and the dragon tried to eat it up as soon as it was born, but God caught it in His arms and took the baby up into heaven to be with Him on His throne.






And the lady ran away into the wild lands where God had made a place for her to hide.





And God gave her food there for 1,260 days.

And there was a big war in the heaven. Michael and his angels were fighting against the dragon and his angels. But the dragon didn’t win.




They lost the fighting and were thrown out of heaven and couldn’t be in allowed in heaven anymore.

John said, I heard a loud voice then saying in heaven, Now we are free from all the bad ones bad stuff, and now all the power and the kingdom of our God and the power of His promised One are here because the bad one who was always pressing hard on the brothers is thrown down.






That bad one was always taking the brothers to court all night and all day.


They were stronger and won over the bad one by believing in Jesus, believing that He took their spanking and telling about it in their words. They didn’t love their life more than Jesus.


So be happy, all you heavens, and you that live there.

Be sad, you people living in the world and in the waters of the sea because the bad one is down there with you now, and he’s real mad because he knows he only has a little time left before God spanks him and locks him away in the lake of fire for all his bad stuff.


When the dragon, the bad one, was thrown down to the world, he chased the lady and tried to hurt her.

But God gave her the wings of a great eagle to fly away into the wild lands to her hiding place where she is given food to eat for 3 ½ years: hiding from the face of the snake that was first in the garden called Eden, the one who tricked the first lady.

Then the snake sent a flood of water from its mouth to try to carry the lady away, but the ground helped the lady by swallowing up all the water.

Then the dragon was very mad at the lady and went out to make war with all her children. (The lady is Israel and her children are the children of Israel).

They are the ones who guard the special words written down from God, and they are the ones who keep the true words about Jesus safe in their hearts.





Then John said, I stood on the sand by the sea and saw a big wild animal come up out of the sea with 7 heads and ten horns. He is called, The One who Says the Worst Bad Words about God.


This wild animal was like a leopard but had feet like a bear and his mouth was like a lion and the dragon gave him his power and gave him his throne that he ruled over people from.

One of the heads was killed, but came back alive. And all the world was amazed at that, and they bowed down to the dragon that gave the wild animal his power. They said, No one can win against this one.





This wild one talked lots of lies and bad stuff about God and His house and the people that live in heaven.





This bad one was given power to win over God’s people and over the world for a little bit of time.


All the people in the world bowed down to him, the ones who didn’t believe in Jesus, who was promised to take away all our bad stuff from before the world was made.




If any man has an ear, let him hear this:


If you capture others you will be captured and if you kill other ones, you will be killed. So stay under the God’s good way and don’t do that bad stuff.



Then John said, I looked and saw another wild animal coming up out of the world that had two horns like a lamb, but talked like the dragon.

This one had all the power like the first one, and made the world bow down to the first wild animal whose head had been killed and then came back alive again.

This one did big amazing things that trick people to make them think he is god, and even makes fire come down out of heaven for men to see it.


He even makes a statue of the bad one come to be alive and all who won’t bow down to it will be killed.


And all the ones in the world have to get a special mark on their right hand and forehead or they can’t buy food or anything, and they can’t sell anything if they don’t have his name or special number.



Know this smart thing. And stay away from this number of the bad one; It is 666.