After God gave Israel these victories many kings gathered their armies together from the plains and the mountains, from the west and north and east to fight against Israel.


There were so many warriors gathered to fight that it was as many as the sand on the seashore.

The Lord God told Israel, don’t be afraid of them. At this time tomorrow I will deliver them into your hand, all dead. You are to weaken their horses and burn their chariots.

So Joshua went after all those kings and fought with them and chased them until none of them were left. He took their cities and treasures but left no bad one breathing.

Joshua did everything God told him to do and left nothing unfinished of all that the Lord God commanded him. He took all the land, the hills and the south country, and the valleys and the mountains and the plains. He fought a long time with those kings.

No more cities made peace with the children of Israel because God made their hearts hard so that He could clear away them and their bad stuff from the world.



Joshua took the whole land in battle that the Lord God had given Israel for their inheritance. And the land finally rested in God’s peace.


God gave the children of Israel victory in battle over 31 kings. Joshua was very old when they were finished.

God said to him, You are old and there is a lot more land that I want to give you. God told him all the land that was left to conquer, that God still wanted to give the children of Israel.



Divide this land up between the families. I will chase away the people that live there.



This is your land, your home from Me since I own everything. So they divided up the land as God told them.



The family of Levi that serve at My house don’t get land. I am their part to inherit and the offerings that the people bring to me. Give them cities throughout all the land for their homes and land for their animals to stay.




Then Caleb and the family of Judah came to Joshua. Caleb said, Remember what God told me when we went in to see the land. He said, Everywhere my foot touched would be my land and my children’s forever.

I followed the Lord with all my heart, but some others didn’t believe Him and made Israel’s heart melt so they didn’t go in to take the land right away but wandered in the wilderness forty years.

I am as strong today as I was those 40 years ago when we started wandering in the wilderness. I can fight as good now as then. So give me this mountain. If God is with me, we will chase away these bad people.




So Joshua blessed Caleb and gave him the mountain and the city called Hebron where his feet had walked.




And the land rested from fighting.

The land that went to the family of Judah started at the edge of the wilderness and went along the south sea coast and surrounded many cities clear to the end of the Jordan river. Then it went north toward the mountains and along the side of the river and up along the south side of Jerusalem.

It went up the mountain and through the valley to the west to the end of the valley of giants in the north and along the hill to the fountain of water and around several more mountains. Its border on the west was the great sea.

Caleb was given the city of Hebron, as God had said, but he had to go in with God’s power and conquer it. He said, Whoever goes up and takes the city of Kirjathsepher, I will give him my daughter, Achsah for his wife.

Caleb’s nephew Othniel conquered the city and Caleb gave him Achsah for his wife. She came to her father and asked him for a field. He gave her two fountains of water also.

The family of Joseph’s children got the land from the Jordan river to the water of Jericho on the east and the wilderness up to Mount Bethel and west along the coast of the sea.


But they didn’t drive out some of the bad people and they still live there paying taxes to Joseph’s children.

They told Joshua, this isn’t enough land for us because we are a great people. So Joshua said to them, You are a great people and have great power. Go up to the mountain and cut down the trees and keep that land.



You will drive out the people that live there even though they have chariots of iron and are very strong.