David sang this song to the Lord the day the Lord saved him from all his enemies.



The Lord is my rock to stand on who saves me. I will trust Him only. He is the One who protects me all around and gives me power and lifts me up high.


He is my hiding place who saves me from being hurt. I will call on Him. He deserves praise and by this I will be saved from my enemies.




When things circled around me to make me afraid, I called on the Lord. I cried out to my God.



He heard my voice in his temple in heaven and came swooping down on a cherub and saved me.



He thundered loudly and sent out his arrows of lightning and won for me over my enemies.



He lifted me out of many waters, my strong enemies, the people who hated me.


The Lord keeps me strong and gives me many rewards because I keep to His ways and don’t follow the bad ones.



The Lord has given me the good that I deserve because I follow Him and do His ways.



He is kind to those who are kind and pure to those who are pure. He saves those who are in trouble.







But He brings low the puffed up ones.




You are my candle O Lord, You light my darkness.




By you I have beat my enemies and leaped over walls.




God is just right, perfect. He makes my feet not trip and sets me in high places.



He teaches my hands to fight. He makes my arms very strong.



He saves me by hiding me behind his shield and is very soft and tender with me, making me great.




The Lord makes me alive and fills me with happiness.

He gets back at those who do wrong to me and lifts me up high above those who tried to hurt me and brings them down to the ground.







He keeps me safe from men who hurt people.







I will always thank you, O God, and sing to your name.




You save your king and love him and his children for always.