God gave David rest because God beat all David’s enemies.

So David was thinking and said to Nathan, the one who told God’s words to the people, I live in a house made of cedar but the Lord is still living in a tent.




Nathan said to David, Do all that is in your heart because God is with you.

But that night God came to Nathan and said, Go tell my servant, David, Will you build me a house? I have lived in a tent since I brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. Did I ever ask them to build me a house of cedar?







I took you from following after the sheep and made you rule over My people.





I have been with you everywhere you went.






I have cut off all your enemies.


And I have made your name great like the great men that have been in the earth.


I have set a place for My people and planted them in their own place so that they won’t move around any more.

And the children of the world who follow the bad one will not hurt them any more.




 Since the time of the judges I have caused My people to rest from all their enemies.





And I tell you that I will make you a dynasty, a family of ruling kings.


And when your days of this life are full, I will set up one of your sons after you and I will set his kingdom firm.





He will build a house for My name. And I will set the throne of his kingdom forever.





I will be his Father and he will be My son.




If he does wrong, I will correct him, but my mercy will never leave him like I took it away from Saul, whom I took away before you.




Your house and your family will be My rulers forever.


Nathan told David these words from God and David went and sat before God and asked, Who am I and what is my family that you would make me king over your people?




And that is such a small thing beside what you have said you will do for me forever.



What can I say? You have done all these great things and made me know them.

You are so great. There is none like you. There is no God but you. And what nation on earth is like your people? Who you bought for Yourself from Egypt and from the other nations and their gods?

So, Lord God, Do what you have said about me. Let your name be great forever. You have promised goodness to your servant. Let it please you to bless my house forever.



David, with God’s help, got rid of many bad ones and took power over nations around Israel.




He gave all the gold and silver from those nations to the Lord.





The Lord kept David safe everywhere he went.

King David ruled over all Israel, doing things right, like God planned, so God could bring all his good things to His people that He wanted to give them.

David asked if anyone was left of Saul’s family. He wanted to be kind to them because of his best friend Jonathan, Saul’s son.

A man was left, Jonathan’s son, who was lame. His feet couldn’t walk. David brought him to the castle and gave him back all his father’s property and gave him a place to eat at David’s table.