The children of Israel did bad again by bowing down to bad ones. So the Lord gave power to a bad king called Eglon who conquered Israel and made them do hard work for him 18 years.




When the work was so hard, they cried out to God to help them, and God sent Israel another deliverer called Ehud.

This same thing happened over and over again through the years. When things were good and the children of Israel were full of God’s blessings, they forgot Him and turned away to things that brought trouble to them.

The children of Israel did bad again and the Lord let a king called Jabin conquer them. He had 900 chariots of iron and was very hard on the children of Israel for 20 years.

A lady named Deborah spoke God’s words to the people at that time and decided their court cases by what God said.




She sent for a soldier named Barak and said, The Lord says, Take 10,000 soldiers and go to the river Kishon to fight against king Jabin and his army leader, Sisera, because I will give him into your hand.

Barak said to Deborah, If you go with me, then I will go. But if you won’t go with me, I won’t go.






Deborah said to him, I will go with you, but the Lord will give a woman the honor for this instead of you.

So they got ready and went to the battleground. Then Deborah said, Get up, this is the day the Lord has delivered our enemies into your hand.

The battle started and God won over the all the 900 chariots, and all the king’s army. Sisera got down out of his chariot and ran away to hide.

He went into a woman’s tent and asked her for a drink. She gave him milk and covered him up to rest. And while he was asleep, she killed him with a tent peg.





So God saved the children of Israel from all the hardness of their lives because of king Jabin.



And Deborah and Barak sang a song about God’s

great victory: Kneel and sing before God for leading Israel. Listen all you leaders and I will sing to the Lord.


When you marched, Lord, the ground shook, the clouds dropped water, and the mountains melted in front of You.







No one could go anywhere because of the bad ones

until I, Deborah, rose up, a mother in Israel.

When the people chose new gods then war came into our gates. And we had no swords or spears to fight with.

The leaders offered to fight. Speak, you who lead your people. Tell all the good things the Lord has done for us.

Wake up, Deborah, sing a song. Get up Barak and capture those who captured us. The Lord has made us be stronger over the strong men.

Kings came and fought. Even the stars in heaven fought against Sisera. Happy is the lady who stopped this man.

Let all Your enemies perish this way, O Lord, but let those that love you be like the sun when it shines brightest.