God led Jacob to the exact right spot of his father’s family. He met a beautiful girl there.



She was from his father’s family and he wanted her so much for his wife that he worked for her father for seven years, taking care of his sheep.





The seven years seemed really short because he loved her so much.


But when it came time for them to be together, the girl's Dad tricked him, just like he’d tricked his Dad. He gave him another wife who wasn’t so beautiful.




The Jacob kept them both for his wife but had to work seven more years to get the one he loved.


God gave babies to the one Jacob didn’t love to help her heart not be so sad that she wasn’t loved.






The beautiful one that Jacob loved wanted babies too, so she gave him her maid to have babies with. Then she said they were hers.

God remembered the beautiful one and gave her babies too, and when they were all done having babies, Jacob had 12 sons and 1 girl from God.

Jacob wanted to go back home to the land God promised to give him. But the father who tricked him said, God has blessed me because you are here with me. Stay longer and I will give you whatever pay you ask.



God saw that the man Jacob was taking care of the sheep for was cheating him, and treating him badly so God gave all the good blessings to Jacob.


No one needs to cheat because God has lots of everything. They just need to ask God.