The next day Jacob's brother came charging toward him with 400 warriors. His brother jumped off his horse and ran toward Israel and gave him a big hug and kissed him. They both cried because they were so happy to see each other.


After that, they both traveled their own way. Israel bought some land and lived there and built an altar to God.





Israel thanked God and claimed Him as his own like he promised that time when he saw the angels and the staircase going up to heaven.

God had kept all His promises to be with him and keep him safe and give him food and clothes and keep him happy.

God still protected Israel and his family even when his sons went overboard in getting back at a whole town of men because one of their sons had hurt his daughter.

God appeared in his shiny glory to Israel and told him, Go back to the place where you saw the staircase and angels going up and down.


Take away all the statues of gods from your family and the people with you. I am the only One who has all the power.




God promised him, I will make much blessing come from you. Kings will come from you.

And I will give this land to you and your children after you. It was the best and most beautiful land in the world.