One day when Isaac was old and couldn’t see anymore, he sent Red out to hunt and brings him the special food he loved.



After he ate he was going to give Red the special blessing of God.

The Mom heard that Isaac was going to give the special blessings of God to his favorite instead of the one God said would get the blessings, Jacob.




So she and Jacob tricked Isaac. They dressed up Jacob to smell and feel like Red and brought the special food to him, and so Isaac gave the special blessings to Jacob.




Red got so mad that he planned to kill Jacob.

So the Mom and Dad sent Jacob away so he wouldn’t be killed. They sent him back home to get a wife.


As he was traveling, he stopped one night. He put rocks for his pillow and fell asleep. And when he was sleeping he saw a staircase that started on the ground and went all the way up into heaven. Angels were going up and down on the staircase.

And God stood up at the top of the staircase and said to Jacob, I am the One who controls everything. I am the God of you father Abraham and Isaac.



I will give this land you are on to you and the children that come from you.

You will be as many as the dust on the ground. You will spread out all over the world. And I will bless the whole world because of you.


God promised, I am with you and I will guard you wherever you go and bring you back here.




Jacob woke up and said, This place is amazing. This is the gate of heaven.

Jacob talked with God there and said, If you will be with me and guard me, and give me food to eat and clothes to wear and bring me back to my father safe, then you will be my God too, and whatever you give to me, I will give you back one out of ten.