The last thing Jacob did before he passed on to be with God was call his 12 sons together to put God's blessing on them and tell them what would happen to them.


He gave extra good things to Joseph and gave him a special piece of land.

He said the God with all the power would help him and make him strong and make his good things spread out everywhere.


But the King that God promised who would save them from all trouble and rule forever would come from Israel's son named Judah.


Then Jacob pulled his feet into his bed and gave up his spirit to be with God.

Joseph and the family and many of the people in Egypt made a special parade back to Jacob’s homeland to rest his bones beside Abraham and the others. So that when God calls from heaven to raise them up, they’ll all rise up together.


Then Joseph’s brothers were afraid, thinking now that their dad was gone, Joseph would pay them back for being mean and selling him.





But Joseph said, Don’t be afraid, I’m not in God’s place.




You did a bad thing to me but God turned it to good and saved all of us and saved many people in the world.