After Joseph's brothers sold him, he was a slave to an important man in Egypt.



But God was with Joseph, and made good things happen for the important man because Joseph was there.

God made everything Joseph did turn out so good that the man put him in charge of everything.



Joseph was really good looking. So good looking that the important man’s wife wanted to be with Joseph,






but Joseph kept away from her.






One day she trapped him in the house and said to him, Be with me. But Joseph ran out, leaving his coat behind.

When the important man came home, she lied and said Joseph had tried to hurt her. So Joseph was put in jail.

But God was with Joseph in jail and made everything he did turn our really in good so that the man in charge at the jail put Joseph in charge there too.






Some men who worked at the king’s palace made the king mad and were put in jail where Joseph was.


They each had a dream one night and were upset because they didn’t know what the dreams meant.

Joseph knew that God would know what the dreams meant so he asked God what the dreams meant  and told the men. And it happened just like Joseph said.


Two years later, the king was upset because he had a dream and didn’t know what it meant, so they sent for Joseph.






The king then took Joseph out of jail asked him what the dream meant.



Joseph said, I don’t know. But there is a God in heaven who will give you an answer that calms your heart.

Joseph asked God and God told him such a good answer for the king that the king put Joseph in charge over all of the whole country of Egypt.

The king gave Joseph his ring of power and a gold chain around his neck and kingly robes to wear. He followed the king in the second chariot all the people in the land bowed down to him as he passed by.