Joseph still loved his brothers, but he talked hard words to them and put them in jail for 3 days. He tested them to see if they were still mean and hateful.

Then Joseph sent them home with lots of food and good news to tell their father, Israel, that Joseph was still alive and ruler over Egypt.

There was so little food where they lived that Joseph sent wagons to bring the whole family down to Egypt.

God talked to Israel and said, Don’t be afraid to go to Egypt. I will make you into a great nation there.



God said, I will go down there with you and bring you back here again.




When Israel got to Egypt he saw Joseph and hugged him for a long time and they both cried a lot of happy tears.


The king was happy that Joseph’s family had come and gave them the best place in the land to live.



God turned the bad and hate that his brothers did into a good thing that saved his family and gave food to the whole world until the world had enough food again.


God helped Joseph, and his family was saved, his

country was saved and the people of the world were saved.