Israel lived with his family in Egypt seventeen years of God’s good blessing.



All the family had babies, babies, and more babies. The nation God was making from Israel was growing big.



Then time came for Israel to pass from this life to be with God.

He made Joseph promise not to bury his bones in Egypt but to take him back home to the land God promised him. So that when God makes him alive again, he will already be home.


Joseph was told Israel, his Dad, was sick. So he took his two sons to see him, their Grandpa.


Israel told Joseph, The God with all the power showed Himself to me and said He would do good and happy things for me.

He told me He would give the best land on earth to me and my children forever.


I’m making your two sons my sons also, like you, to be in that best land.


Israel told Joseph, I didn’t think I would ever see you again but God has brought you back to me and even showed me your children.

Then he said, The Angel who saved me from every bad thing keep these boys safe and make them very happy.