God sent Samuel to tell Saul, I put you as king over My people. Now go and get back at the Amalakites for hurting the old people and weak people when I brought you out of Egypt.




Saul went as God said, But only did part of what God told him. He kept the best of their stuff instead of getting rid of everything.



He told Samuel, But I saved these, the best of the sheep to offer to the Lord.

Samuel said, Stand here and let me tell you what the Lord said to me last night. Tell me, said Saul.




When you thought little of yourself, I made you ruler over My people. Why did you not obey what I told you to do?

Do I like these things more than I like you obeying Me? To obey is better than offerings. To listen to God is the best thing. Not listening is like the bad ones.

Because you turned away from My words I will turn you away from being king. I have torn the kingdom away from you and given it to one nearby you who is better than you.

Israel’s Strength does not lie or change His mind. He is not like man to change his mind. The Lord was sorry that He had made Saul king.

After a while the Lord said to Samuel, How long are you going to be sad about Saul since I refuse to let him keep being king over Israel.

Fill your horn with oil and go. I am sending you to Jesse who is at Bethlehem. I am looking at a king for Me who is one of his sons.







How can I do that? Saul will hear about it and kill me.

The Lord said, Take a cow with you and say you have come to worship. Call Jesse to the worship and there I will show you what to do. And you will pour the oil on the one I name to you.



So Samuel did what the Lord said. When he saw Jesse’s oldest son he thought, Surely the one God will make the new king is standing in front of me.




But the Lord told Samuel, Do not look at how handsome his face is or how tall he is. Man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart.



Then Jesse made the rest of his sons pass by, seven of them. God said about each one, This is not the one.





So Samuel asked Jesse, Are these all your children? Jesse told Samuel, There is still the youngest. He’s out guarding the sheep.



Samuel said to Jesse, Send for him. We will not sit down to eat until he comes. So Jesse sent for him.


When David came in, Samuel saw that he was handsome, a really good looking young man. And the Lord said, This is the one, pour the oil on him as he stands in the middle of his brothers.




So Samuel took the oil and poured it on David. And the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day on.


Then Samuel got up and went home, but the Spirit of the Lord left king Saul and a bad spirit was sent from the Lord to give Saul trouble.



Saul’s servants said, A bad spirit from the Lord troubles you. Find someone who plays the harp beautifully and when the bad spirit comes on you, he can play the harp and you will be well.



One of Saul’s servants said, I have seen a son of Jesse who lives in Bethlehem.




He is a mighty warrior and plays the harp beautifully. He is wise and good to look at. And the Lord is with him.




So king Saul sent for David and David came to the king with gifts from his father to the king.







And king Saul loved David a lot so Saul kept David with him to carry his fighting equipment.


When the bad spirit came on Saul, David played his harp and the bad spirit went away and Saul got better.