After David gave Saul back his sword and water jar, David said inside his heart, One day Saul will really get me. I better escape.




So David took the 600 men that were with him and their families and went to the land of the Philistines.





David stayed with the king of Gath and Saul quit looking for him.

Then David said to the king of Gath, Why should I live in the royal city with you? Give me some small city to live in.




So the king gave David a small city to take his men to and live there.





David raided enemy towns and took their stuff. He didn’t leave anyone alive to tell who had done it.


When the king asked David what he did that day, David lied and told the king he had raided Judah, his own people.




So the king thought David would be his servant forever.

The Philistines gathered their armies to fight against Israel.




When Saul saw all the army of the enemy camped before them he was really scared.


King Saul asked God what to do but God didn’t answer him because Saul never did what God told him to do.

So Saul went to ask one of the bad ones what to do. The lady called out for Samuel to come up from his place in paradise.

Saul talked to Samuel and said, I’m real scared because the enemies are out there, coming to kill us and I prayed to God but He didn’t listen to me.



Then Samuel said, Why are you asking me since God has left you and is now your enemy?


The Lord has done what He said. He has torn the kingdom from your hand and given it to David because you would not listen to Him and do what He said.


The Lord will give Israel into the hand of the Philistines and tomorrow you and your sons will be with me, Samuel said.

King Saul fell to the ground and they gave him some food to eat. Then he left with his men and went back to the camp of Israel.