Once David was hiding in a cave with his men and king Saul went into the cave where David was.




David’s men said, God has brought your enemy right into your hand.






David sneaked up behind Saul and cut of the back of Saul’s robe.

When Saul left, David felt sorry because he had cut off a piece of his king’s robe because the king is the one God had set as ruler over Israel’s people. 






How can I hurt him, he asked his men? He is God’s special anointed ruler.




After Saul was gone, David called out to him and bowed his face to the ground.



He said to the king, Why do you listen to people that say I’m trying to hurt you? See, the back of your robe. I could have killed you just now, but I want you to see that I do not want to hurt you in any way.




The Lord judge between us and avenge me of you. 

I will not hurt you. Bad things come from bad ones. Why are you chasing me? I’m no more important that a dead dog or a flea.





God will fight for me and give you what you deserve.

King Saul said to David, You are more right than me. Will a man find his enemy and let him go? God do good things for you because you have done good things for me today.


Promise me strongly that when you are king, you will not kill my family. David promised and Saul went home.



Samuel died and all the nation of Israel was sad for him many days.


David and his men went down to the wilderness and guarded the sheep of a very great man.






Then the man treated David very badly because he was puffed up and followed the bad one.






David started to go after the bad man and get back at him for treating him badly but the man had a beautiful wife.



When she heard how badly her husband had treated David, she took lots of food and made a big present to take to David.

When she found him she got off her donkey and bowed down to the ground and begged David to forgive the bad things done by her husband.





 She told David, God holds you in His hand. You fight the Lord’s battles. Let God fight this battle for you and make it right.





When you are king, you don’t want this bad thing to come back on you.



David thanked the beautiful lady for stopping him from doing a bad thing also.







Ten days later the beautiful lady's mean husband died and David heard about it. He sent for the beautiful lady and made her his wife.