King Saul’s son, Jonathan, heard David talking to his father, the king, after the battle was over. When he heard David, he loved him like his own soul. Jonathan took off his own royal robe and gave it to David with his sword and bow and other stuff.


Saul put David over all the king’s army and David did everything Saul told him to do. He was very wise because God was with him and everything David did turned out really good.

The people of Israel liked David and the women sang songs that said, Saul has killed thousands of our enemies and David ten thousands.


This made king Saul very angry because the women said David did ten times more than Saul. From that day on Saul planned to kill David.

The next day, when the bad spirit came on Saul, David played his music. Saul stood up and threw his spear at David to pin him to the wall. David escaped from Saul’s spear two times.




King Saul was scared of David because the Lord was with David and had left Saul.





So Saul took the army away from David and gave David a dangerous job with only a few men to fight with him.

Even then David did really good and all the people loved him. He was their hero because he protected them and fought against the bad ones for them.

So Saul planned a sneaky trick. He said, Let me give you my daughter, Merab, for your wife. Be strong and fight our worst enemies. He was going to let Israel’s enemies kill David.





But David thought he wasn’t good enough to marry the kings daughter and didn’t accept the king’s offer.

When it was time, the king gave Merab to someone else to be his wife. But then he heard that his other daughter, Michal, loved David, he planned to use her to trap David.


David did double what the king asked for the bride price. The king’s plan didn’t work because the Lord was with David.



And king Saul became still more scared of David. Saul told all of his servants to kill David.




But Saul’s son, Jonathan, liked David a lot so Jonathan told David, My father is trying to kill you. Go hide and I will talk to my father.


Then Jonathan said to his father, the king, Do not sin against David to hurt him because he hasn’t done anything to hurt you. He has been very good to you.

He risked his life to save us from the Philistine. God saved us real big through him. You saw it and were really happy.






David is innocent and you will sin against his innocent blood if you kill him for no reason.

Saul listened to Jonathan and said he would not kill David. So Jonathan called David to come back and serve before the king like before.



But then, as they were sitting in Saul’s house, Saul threw his javelin at David, trying to pin him to the wall. So David slipped away, then ran and escaped.




Saul sent messengers to David’s house to watch him and kill him in the morning.




David’s wife, Michal, told him, If you don’t escape the city tonight you will be killed tomorrow. And she let David down through a window and he escaped.

David went to Samuel at a city called Ramah. Then Saul sent messengers there to catch him and bring him back to the king.



But God sent his Spirit on the men and they forgot about what they were doing and started telling God’s words.

When Saul heard about it, he sent more messengers and the same thing happened to them. So Saul went himself with soldiers and God’s Spirit came on Saul also and he spoke God’s words.