One time some people came and told king Saul that David was hiding in the wilderness near them.


So Saul took 3,000 soldiers to go get David to kill him.

David sent men to watch out for king Saul. They came back and told David that Saul had come to get him. So David went to see where Saul was.





The man with David said, God has delivered your enemy into your hand today; let me kill him with the spear.




David said, Do not hurt him. Who can hurt the one God has anointed king and not be guilty? God will strike Saul down or his day to die will come, or he will die in battle.




God forbid that I hurt him. He is the Lord’s anointed king over the Lord’s people.





So they took the spear and the jug of water that was by the king’s head and sneaked away.




None of the soldiers woke up because God had put a deep sleep on them.

Then David went to a hilltop far away and called out to the king. David’s voice echoed through the hills. He asked, Why are you chasing me? You are driving me away from God’s place for His people.



Saul called out, Is that your voice, David, my son? I have done you wrong. Come back.


David gave back the king’s spear and water jug and said, God will give each person what they deserve.



God delivered you into my hand today, but I would not hurt you because you are the Lord’s anointed king.





Your soul was special to me today.







Let my life be special to God.