Once Abraham took a trip with all his family and






When he came to the king of a certain country, Abraham lied again and said that Sarah was his sister.




Sarah was so beautiful that the king took her into his house to be his wife. But God protected Sarah.

Then God came to the king at night in a dream and said, Give back that woman or else. She is another man’s wife.




The king said to God, but I didn’t touch her. Didn’t the man say she was his sister? Will you kill the righteous?

God answered the king, I know your heart was right. I didn’t let you touch her.


Give her back to her husband and he will pray for you because the man is one that I speak through. He will ask me and I will let you live.




 So the king called Abraham and gave back his wife.



Then Abraham asked God and God made the king and his family well.

So even though Abraham didn’t always do the right thing, God loved him and helped him and answered his prayers because Abraham believed in God and not the bad one.