God gave Abraham promises to keep his heart following God who made him, so he would not be tricked by the bad ones.

He wanted Abraham to stay with Him and grow

stronger into God because He has all the power. He only wanted good things for Him.

God always protected Abraham and kept safe all the stuff that was Abrahams

One year some kings from the bad one went wild and started charging across the world, killing and stealing everything. They attacked the city where Lot had gone.




The king of that city ran to hid in the mountains so the people weren't safe. The bad ones took them and their stuff away.

So Abraham took his workers that he had already trained to guard and protect his family and herds and they chased after the bad ones.


He split up his men and attacked at night and they took back everything.

Another king, who helped people of the world come back to God their Maker, came to meet Abraham and celebrated the victory God had given.

They celebrated God’s great promise to save everyone from all bad things and thanked God who owns heaven and earth for winning over the bad ones.





Abraham gave this king, who helped men get back to God, a part of the gold and silver they got back from the bad ones.



Then the king of the city came sneaking out of the mountains said to Abraham, Give me back the people, and you can keep all the gold and silver.

Abraham told him, the Most High God, who owns heaven and earth has made me rich. I won’t take anything, not even a shoestring that is yours so you can’t say that YOU have made me rich.

After the battle, Abraham was afraid that the bad

ones would come after him to kill him and his family.


And he was afraid since he gave back all that gold and silver that they might not have enough to eat.



So God came to him in a vision and said, Don’t be

afraid. I am your shield and your big big reward.


Since God owns everything Abraham would always have enough.



Then Abraham complained to God, You promised, but you still haven’t given me even one child.


So God took him outside in the dark and said, Look up, count the stars, that’s how many children I’m going to give you.


And the king who lasts forever will come from you. I will give you all this land for your very own, forever.


Abraham believed God and God counted that for good because none can be as good as God.


Abraham asked God, How can I know that this land will be mine?

So God told him to make a special offering that showed how much God loved him and would never stop loving him or helping him.





The offering said, all that I am and have is yours. I will always be with you and help and protect you.