When Abraham was almost 100 years old, too old to have babies any more, God came to him and showed Himself to him, shiny bright and full of power and wonder.



He told Abraham, I’m making my special deal with you and will make many people like Me from you.




My special deal will be with you and you will be a Father of many nations. Kings will come from you.



And I will give you this special and most beautiful land in the world to you and your children forever.





There will be a special sign of this special deal. You will do the sign on all the boy babies and all the men that work for you.






Though people in this world who follow the bad ones will die, I will keep you alive with all these people who believe me forever.






God changed Sarah’s name from 'crabby' to 'princess' and told Abraham His special deal would be to a child who is born from her.

Abraham loved the boy who came from the servant, Ishmael, and said to God, Let the special deal be with Ishmael.



But God said, Sarah your wife will bear you a son and my forever deal will be with him.


But I have heard you about Ishmael. I will bless him and 12 prince rulers will come from him. And I will make him into a great nation.

Abraham fell down laughing with joy and delight, amazed in his heart wondering, Will a child be born to someone 100 years old and Sarah 90 years old?