Isaac had a life of learning to trusting God like his Dad Abraham. He found that God was giving and loving and faithful.

Once when there was no food, Isaac wanted to go to Egypt like his Dad, but God came to him in His bright shiny glory and said, Stay here in this Promised Land and I will be with you to help you.

I will make sure you have lots of food. I will make you happy. And I will give all these beautiful lands to the children who come from you.

I will make so many children come from you that it will be as many as the stars in the sky.





And in you I will bless all the countries of the world.

I will do this because your Dad Abraham listened to me and obeyed my words and kept my ways. He didn't listen to or follow the bad one. He was My friend.



The men of the land where Isaac stayed saw how beautiful his wife was and he lied, like his Dad and said, She is my sister because he was afraid the men would kill him and take her.



He should have trusted God to protect them instead of lying. But Isaac's faith wasn't big enough yet.





He was caught in his lie too.


One day the king saw Isaac treating her like a wife and called him and told him, You could have gotten us in big trouble with God if one of us would have taken her.



Isaac sowed seeds in the land and God made lots and lots of food come from the seeds.




God kept giving him more and more and making him greater and greater. He had lots of sheep and cows.



The people of the land wanted his stuff. They said, Go away from us.




So Isaac left them and dug wells somewhere else to get water.






God blessed him each time and he found water, but the men wanted it and fought with him saying, This water is ours.

After this happened three times, they didn’t fight with Isaac for the water anymore and he said, God has made room for us all.




That night God came to Isaac again and said, I am with you and I will bless you because of your dad Abraham.

And like his Dad, the leader of the fighting men came to him and wanted to make a deal that he wouldn’t hurt them because Isaac was so strong.

The leader said, God has given you so much blessing. We have not hurt you, and we want you to not hurt us.




So they had a big party and promised not to hurt each other.