As the years passed, Sarah, Abraham’s wife still had

no babies.






So she gave her servant to Abraham and said, Make babies with her for me.






Abraham did what Sarah asked and the servant started growing a baby inside her tummy.





She got puffed up about it and hated Sarah and didn't obey her. Then Sarah treated her badly and so she ran away.





She got lost






and was scared.








               Then God’s angel



found her by a fountain of water in wild country and talked with her.





He told her to go back an obey Sarah. And he made her a big promise like Abraham.






He said, I will give you many children and grandchildren from this baby, so many that they can’t be counted.




God's angel told her the baby would be a boy and she was to call his name Ishmael because God heard her trouble and helped her.



The servant said to God, You see me and I see you. And she called the fountain of water, God sees me.