God came to see Abraham again. He looked like three men this time because God has three parts: The Father part, the Son part, and the Holy Spirit part.




Abraham brought water, washed their feet and made them a special dinner.





God told Abraham that He would come back to

Sarah soon and give them their own son.

Sarah was hiding inside their tent listening and since they were both too old to have children she started laughing inside herself, but God heard.



God told her, I can do everything; Nothing is too hard for me.


God wondered if He should tell Abraham the reason they had come down to the world.


Since Abraham was going to stay close to God and keep his family close and become such a great and powerful nation and all the nations of the world will be brought back to good things by him.




A great and sad cry had come up to God in heaven from a city nearby.

The people in it were listening to the bad one and doing so many bad things that all God’s goodness was nearly stopped. Everyone was hurting and dying from the bad things.

God told Abraham that he had come to see if it was true and if it was, He was going to clear the bad ones away from the earth.




Abraham’s nephew Lot was in that city and Abraham knew that Lot wasn’t one of the bad ones, so he asked God, If there are some good ones left, are you still going to clear them away?


Will you clear away the good ones with the bad? Surely the One who says what happens in all the world will only do what is right.



God said if He found ten good ones in the city He would not clear the city away.




God sent two of His angels into the city to see.







The angels were going to sleep in the street, but Lot, took them into his home to keep them safe.

When it got dark the men of the city surrounded Lot’s house and yelled for Lot to send out the angels. They were going to hurt them really bad.



So the angels made the eyes of the bad ones dark so they couldn't see.

The angels told Lot to get his family out of that city because God sent them there to clear away all the bad.



In the morning, the angels grabbed Lot and his wife and two daughters and took them out of the city.





Then fire came down from God in heaven and swept all the bad away.