When Elisha and his servant came to a city called Gilgal there was little food to eat because it hadn’t rained.

Elisha had many of God’s men with him. They were  telling God's words to the people and Elijah needed to feed them.







One of the men went out into the field to gather wild herbs to eat.


He found a wild vine that had wild gourds and brought back a big bunch of them and put them in the big soup pot for supper.




When the men began to eat the soup, they cried out, O man of God, there’s death in the pot. And they couldn’t eat it.



Elisha said, Put some flour in the pot. So the man put some flour in the pot and the death was gone. The men ate and were filled.

Later, a man came to bring his offering to God of the first crops of his land. He brought 20 loaves of barley and roasted ears of corn.





Elisha said, Give it to the people to eat.


The man serving said to Elisha, There are 100 people here, this isn’t nearly enough food for them.




Elisha said again, Give it to the people to eat for the Lord says, They will eat and have some left over.



So the people ate and had food left over, as the Lord had said.