The Lord God is so big and so strong and so beautiful that all the sun, moon, and stars fit in the palm of His hand.


God’s voice was scary to the people, sounding like thunder, when He spoke to them at Mt. Sinai to make a deal with them. So the people asked the Lord to talk to them through a man.



First He talked through Moses, then many years later He talked through Elijah.

875 years before Jesus, the families of Israel were doing bad things and causing much sadness and trouble for themselves.

Their king was leading them to do these things and God wanted to help them back to Him so they could be happy and enjoy His good things.

So the Lord God sent Elijah to king Ahab with a message. Elijah stood before the king and said, There won’t be any dew on the grass or rain from the clouds until I say.

Then Elijah left the king and God told Elijah, Go hide by the brook Cherith before the Jordan River. There you will drink water from the brook.






And I have commanded the ravens to bring food to you there.





So Elijah did what the Lord said because he knew that the king would try to find him and hurt him or even kill him.





Elijah drank water from the brook and the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening.




After a while with no rain on the land the brook dried up.

Then God said to Elijah, Get up, Go to Zarephath in Zidon and live there. I have commanded a woman there whose husband had died to share her food with you.

So Elijah did what the Lord said and went Zarephath. When he came to the gate of the city, the widow woman was gathering sticks.


Elijah called out to her, Could you please bring me a little water to drink and a bite to eat also.




The woman told him, Sir, I have no food, As God lives, I have only a handful of flour in a barrel and a little oil in a jar. I am gathering two sticks to go in and make a little biscuit for me and my son to eat before we die.



Elijah told her, Don’t be afraid, Go make me that biscuit first and then make one for you and your son because the Lord God says this, The barrel of flour won’t run out and the jar of oil won’t go empty until the day the Lord God sends rain on the land.


So the widow went and did as Elijah said. And she and her family ate food from the barrel and the jar for many days. The barrel never got empty and the jar of oil never ran out, as the Lord God promised.



After all this, the woman’s son became so very sick that no breath was left in him.

The woman was crying and said that God was punishing her for bad things she did when she was young. But He wasn’t punishing her, He was showing her His love and His power that would protect and provide for her.



Elijah said, Give me your son. Then Elijah took the boy and carried him up into the loft where Elijah slept and laid the boy on his bed and talked to God.

Elijah said to God, Have you brought bad on this widow where I stay. Then he stretched himself out on the child 3 times and cried out to the Lord, O Lord my God, please let the soul of this child return to him again.


The Lord heard the voice of Elijah and the soul of the child came to him again and he woke up.


Elijah picked up the child and took him down to his mother and said, See, your son lives.

The woman answered, By this I know that you are a man from God and the words you say are God’s words, they are the truth.