A king of the bad ones gathered 32 other kings and went to fight against Israel and take away all their gold and silver and wives and children and all the good things the Lord God had given them in the land He gave them.

This bad king had as many soldiers with him as the dust of the ground.

Israel's king got his army ready for the battle and the Lord God fought for Israel and they beat the bad ones so that they went home to their own land.

After the battle a messenger from God came to tell king Ahab, The bad ones think that I, the Lord, control only the hills so they will come fight you again next year in the valley.



Get ready. I will help you win the battle so that you will know that I am the one that controls everything.

So king Ahab got ready and the next year God helped Israel beat the bad ones that came to take all their good things that God had given them.



When the bad ones saw that they couldn’t beat Israel, their king made a deal with king Ahab, and Ahab let him go home.

Then the Lord sent a prophet to tell Ahab, Because you didn’t obey the voice of the Lord, to take from the earth this bad king and his people who brought much bad to the world, I will take you and your people from the world.