After Hezekiah’s prayer to the Lord to help them against their enemies who came to take them and their stuff, The Lord God sent Isaiah, the one who told God’s words to God’s people, with words for Hezekiah.







The Lord God said, Hezekiah, I have heard your prayer.

I say about this bad king, The precious daughter of the Lord, my people Israel, shakes her head and laughs at you because you try to fight against the one who has all the power.



You say bad things about the only One who made you and controls everything.



You say that you are the one who won all these battles and took all this land across the world.



But I planned it and made it happen from before time started.


You conquered these nations and broke their statues and burned them in the fire because I sent you to do it.




Their statues are not God, but just something made by man’s hands that can’t do anything.

I know how much you hate me and are angry against me, though I made you and gave you all this power.




I will turn you back the way you came, you will not take My city.

I will give you this sign that what I say will happen. This year you will eat food that grows by itself.






And the next year you will eat food that grows from this years crops.


And the third year you will sow seeds and bring in the harvest






and plant vineyards and eat their fruits.





Some people will be left to Me in Jerusalem. They will escape and grow strong.






By my great strength and great love I will do this for you.

This bad king will not come to My city. He won’t shoot one arrow here or come with shields or build bridges with dirt to get in here because I will protect My city and save it for Me and for My servant David’s sake.


That night the Angel of the Lord went out to the camp of the bad ones and struck down 185,000 soldiers of the bad ones.




Then the bad king turned around and went back to his own land.


When he was bowing down to the bad one that he thought had all the power, his sons struck him down and he died.







Then his sons ran away to a far country where they might be safe.