The Lord God gave Elisha the double power of Elijah so that all the days he lived, what he said happened.



There was a woman, the wife of one of Elisha’s men who told out God’s word to the people of Israel, who, when her husband had died, she had no money.



A man came to take her two sons to be his slaves because she owed the man money.




So the woman went to Elisha and asked him to help her be able to keep her two sons.






Elisha asked her, What do you have in your house? The woman told him, I don’t have anything in the house but a pot of oil.




Then Elisha said, Go borrow empty jars from all your neighbors. Get as many as you can. Then shut your door and start pouring the oil you have into the jars.






So the woman did this. And God made the little oil she had fill up many, many jars.





When this was done, she went and told Elisha and he said to her, Now go sell the oil that you have and pay the man the money you owe him.



The money that is left will be plenty to buy food and clothes for you and your sons for many years.